The storm in the northeast the United States has claimed 5 lives and 500 thousand people were left without light

A fierce storm with heavy wind, flooding and hail swept through the northeast United States by killing 5 people and leaving 0.5 million without electricity.

Yesterday, may 15, after 18.00 PM, the national weather service (National Weather Service) has received more than 100 messages about the storm. Residents were notified about hail the size of a baseball, and wind gusts up to 80 miles (129 km) per hour.

Look at the size of this hail! Wow! It shattered windows, dented cars in this Columbia County neighborhood.

— Andrew Banas (@AndrewWTEN) May 15, 2018

A victim of the disaster was the 11-year-old girl out of Newburgh (NY). They mother fell a tree: a woman was injured, and the child died. In the same city tree fell on truck, at the wheel which there was a woman. Her injuries proved fatal. The same fate befell another 3 people in the Poconos (PA), Danbury and new Fairfield (CT).

11-year-old girl killed when tree falls onto car during Northeast storm

— WCVB-TV Boston (@WCVB) May 16, 2018

«11-year-old girl died after a tree fell on car during a storm in the North-East.»

As of may 15, 20.00 without electricity remained more than 600 thousand people in new York, new Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania; in the morning there was no light at 370 thousand inhabitants.

«Sheets of Rain» fell in Cleveland, TN yesterday.
Some spots seeing over 3″ with flash flooding. This is possible again today, albeit scattered. Keep umbrella handy along with the radar WTVC app.
Video: David Durkin #CHAwx

— Brian Smith WTVC (@StormTrackBrian) May 16, 2018

«Rain fell yesterday at Cleveland (Tennessee). In some places, [fell] more than 3 inches flash floods. It may repeat tonight… Keep an umbrella on hand, along with a radar app WTVC».

The Governor of new York Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency in several districts in the South-East of the state and ordered to send to the affected areas of the military National guard.

Power Brookfield (CT) announced the «urban disaster», urging residents to stay home until emergency service would not estimate the damage.

According to the service Flight Aware, yesterday at 3 major airports serving new York city, has canceled more than 500 flights. Now the traffic is working normally.

Tornado warning was issued today, may 16, to upstate new York, Hudson valley, northeast Pennsylvania, Western Connecticut, Massachusetts and southern Vermont.

Currently the storm is moving quickly to the East United States — Washington (D. C.) and Baltimore (MD).

Please, Please take #shelter in #storms this violent! Three people lost their lives in these storms. This clip is from #Saugerties, NY, taken yesterday.

— AMHQ (@AMHQ) May 16, 2018

«Please, PLEASE take refuge during the fierce storm! Three people died in the storm. Here’s a video made yesterday in Saugerties (new York)».