The people of new York should not expect a lovely weekend

In recent days, the storm badly battered new York, bringing down a ton of rain on the state and even a few tornadoes in some counties. The storm had passed, moving into the country and nagryanuv in the Central States with rain and hail. In the Big Apple and its suburbs today is calmer, but the sky is permanently overcast.

The people of the region have to spend the weekend at home. Heavy rainfall is expected here Thursday to next Monday. According to forecasts by the national weather service, only on Friday and Saturday there will be a one and a half inches of rain, while Sunday the amount of moisture sometimes reaching 4 inches.

Rain will continue through this morning with a brief respite tonight before coming back in the picture for Fri and Sat. Lesser chances for rain on Sun.

— NWS New York NY (@NWSNewYorkNY) May 17, 2018

Sunday is expected another storm, but shone briefly appear from behind the storm clouds. With regard to air temperature, then on Friday it will stay between 17 °C and by Sunday, is expected to substantial warming — the temperature rises to 27 °C.

Earlier in the week the rains finally subside, and established warm weather with temperature in the range of 22-26 °C.

Recall that from Tuesday to Wednesday in the North-East swept a series of tornadoes, during which 5 people were killed. In addition to the lethal effects of the disaster has left chaos in the affected region, having tumbled down trees, cutting power lines, leaving without electricity for tens of thousands of subscribers.