Near Mexico formed the first Pacific named storm «Aletta»

«Aletta» was the first nominal tropical storm, which originated in the Eastern part of the Pacific in this hurricane season.

Now «Aletta» is located about 400 miles (643,4 km) from the coast of Mexico. Infrared satellite images show an impressive storm region at the center of the storm.

According to the National hurricane center (National Hurricane Center, NHC), the likelihood is high that by Thursday, June 7, «Aletta» develop into the first hurricane of the season 2018. Fortunately, judging by the trajectory, the element will proceed not on the Mexican coast, and then into the ocean.

By the way, to the East of «Aletta» has formed another area of low pressure. As described in the NHC, to the nearest days off it could become a tropical depression or storm by the name «Bud».

Will the «bad» threat to the Pacific coast of Mexico or southern California, time will tell.

If Californians still too early to worry, the inhabitants of the Mexican coast from Acapulco to Zihuatanejo, Manzanillo, Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos, have to follow the news about the second area of low pressure.

Even if the centers of both storms will remain far in the ocean, they can still bring on the coast weather: showers, thunderstorms, high waves and dangerous «reverse» flow.

But how will be called this season’s storms and hurricanes in the Atlantic ocean.