In the South-West 45 raging forest fires, and in new York there is a threat of a tornado

As of Wednesday, June 13, at the South-West of the country rages 45 major forest fires, which are fuelled by dry and hot weather. In the County of Summit (state of Colorado) evacuated more than 1,300 homes, a voluntary evacuation has also been declared in some areas of California and Nevada.

Forecasters, meanwhile, do not give a comforting forecast for the southwest the next few days. According to meteorologists, until the weekend in the region will be dominated by hot weather without precipitation. In southern and Central California and in Phoenix (AZ) today and tomorrow, 14 June, the temperature can rise to 110 degrees Fahrenheit (+43 Celsius).

Severe weather also prevails on the opposite coast. According to weather forecasts, on Wednesday, June 13, at Syracuse (new York) to Pittsburgh (Philadelphia) and Morgantown (West Virginia) are expected squally winds, in some places, hail, and in some areas there is a danger of tornado.

There is some good weather news. Pacific hurricane Bud weakened to a tropical storm with winds around 70 miles per hour. The storm finally subsides, after crossing the Gulf of California, and moved to mainland Mexico.

«Remnants» of a hurricane can bring much needed rains to Arizona, new Mexico and Colorado by the weekend.