In the U.S. more than 1.4 million homes are under threat of destruction due to global flooding

The increase in water level in the oceans is a long-known fact. However, if in the past this problem was also discussed in the context of the distant future, now is the time «X» gets closer to coastal areas of the USA. Union of concerned scientists (UCS) released a report, according to which in the next 30 years , more than 1.4 million homes can be destroyed by floods.

Experts warn that the inhabitants of the coastal areas should prepare for regular disasters of this kind. Often they will have extraordinary force, literally decimating the American shores. According to scientists, people don’t treat this problem seriously, because I just don’t know what awaits them in the future.

Most of the houses located in the area of risk is in Florida. Their number exceeds 1 million (more than 10% of the total volume of real estate) that speaks of the enormous destruction in the case of large-scale floods. At the same time, not only people from the «Golden state» I love living on the ocean. New Jersey and new York take 2 and 3 places in the list of regions with the greatest number of coastal homes.

In «the Garden state» of such objects over 250, thousand., and in new York city is about 143 thousand. However, their number increases constantly, and the coastal real estate market demonstrates a stable growth. In 2018 there are about 300 thousand homes, the total cost of which exceeds $117,5 billion. And it’s not just expensive housing, because it has tangible contributions to the Treasury.

Scientists pay attention that American citizens in the next three decades, expect serious shocks, including economic. Disasters cause significant impact on important infrastructure, which entails significant spending on its restoration. However, in the near future, the number of natural disasters could increase by several times, and the frequency is such that the authorities simply will not have time to eliminate the consequences of the violent temper of nature.

Coastal homes are at risk of chronic inundation and their value is in jeopardy due to #RisingSeas. With support from the @dicapriofdn, we highlight how the consequences of rising seas will strain many coastal real estate markets and the national economy:

— Union of Concerned Scientists (@UCSUSA) June 18, 2018