A giant tornado and a UFO-shaped clouds seen in USA (photo)

A truly apocalyptic picture appeared before the residents of Kansas on 26 and 27 June.

Giant storm system covered the Eureka, approximately 60 miles East of Wichita (County of Greenwood). This town with a population of 2 450 people took the direct hit of a tornado.

According to preliminary data, from-for a tornado injured 8 people, destroyed many homes. Local authorities declared a state of emergencyand the Red Cross opened for victims of bad weather shelter. Without electricity remained almost 1.3 thousand people. In the Eureka representatives of the state authorities to assess the extent caused by the hurricane damage.

Highly striated supercell at sunset Tuesday evening near Douglass, KS, viewed looking N from just SW of town. #kswx pic.twitter.com/bkpp2TO43r

— Brett Roberts (@brettjrob) June 27, 2018

The rest of Kansas also suffered from the weather, in some areas, hail fell of a chicken egg.

Photographers who are not afraid to go out, have made impressive shots of the huge storm system hanging over the ground. Cloud it formed perfect concentric circles.

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Insane Structure on Mothership Supercell Douglass, KS #kswx pic.twitter.com/g9snT9MV2U

— John Rich (@JohnRichTX) June 27, 2018

Recall in Colorado was recently spotted tornado-«trunk,» and in Arizona — sand tornado.