How long will a hell of a fever in new York and new Jersey

New York and new Jersey covered a hell of heat. And, under forecasts of weather forecasters, it will last in the region of the weekend, maybe before independence Day — July 4.

Very hot would in all 5 boroughs of the Big Apple, County of Nassau (new York), and northeast new Jersey. In some areas the temperature will rise up to 100ºF (+37,7 ºC).

As told by the meteorologists, today, June 29, and on Saturday and Sunday, 30 June and 1 July, the temperature in new York and new Jersey will be approximately 95ºF (+35ºC), but because of the high humidity it would seem that on the street 5 degrees more.

The hottest day, under forecasts of weather forecasters, will be Sunday, when in some areas the temperature can jump up to 104ºF (+40ºC).

For residents of new York city opened cooling centers — the list can be viewed here. In addition, the public pools of the city’s extended hours of operation.

According to doctors, extreme heat is particularly dangerous for children, the elderly and those suffering from chronic diseases.

Doctors urge day to remain in air conditioned room, to avoid alcohol and fatty foods, drink plenty of fluids and ensure that Pets have enough water. And don’t forget children in cars! Even a short stay in a locked car in this heat can lead to the death of a child.

And in the Midwest — your weather «delights». So, in Kansas , there was a huge tornado and a UFO-shaped cloudand.