In the United States and around the world — record heat for the entire history of observations

From the mountains of new Hampshire to the green hills of Ireland, from Canada to the Middle East last week around the world recorded a record high temperature of air in the entire history of observations.

According to experts, instances of extreme heat cannot be considered conclusive evidence of an impending global warming. And yet the weather — a serious occasion to reflect on what awaits the Earth in the near future.

Here are just a few notable records last week.

June 28: at Denver (Colorado) recorded a record high temperature is 105°F (+40,5°C).
July 2: mount Washington (new Hampshire) — 60°F (+15,5°C). And it is the night temperature on the mountain height 1 917 meters!

July 2: Burlington (Wisconsin) — 80°F (26°C). This July night, a record for this area in the entire history of weather observations.

July 2: Montreal (Canada) recorded +36,6°C, the highest temperature is over 147 years! The number of deaths from the heat had reached 33 people.

Travel to Europe. Summer in the UK and Ireland always pretty cool. But not this year.

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28 Jun: Glasgow (Scotland) — the thermometer shows a record of +32°C.

June 28: Shannon (Ireland) — +32°C. on the same day, record heat was in the capital of Northern Ireland Belfast (+29,5°C).

July 4: Tbilisi (Georgia). Beat the record heat in the entire history of observations. In the Georgian capital fixed +40.5°C. In the neighboring Armenia on 2 July temperature record was recorded in Yerevan: +42°C.

Hotter well a total of 28 June was in Kiriati (Oman), fixed +42,6°C.

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