«Beryl» was a hurricane 1 category

Tropical storm «beryl», which has formed in the Atlantic ocean, became the first in the season a hurricane — so far, however, only the 1st category.

It happened early this morning, 6 July. According to meteorologists, the hurricane is moving West from the lesser Antilles in the Caribbean sea.

Residents of the United States, as well as Islands in the Caribbean sea, worry not just yet, weather forecasters calm. «Beryl» is now «tiny» hurricane, with winds stronger than 75 miles (121 km) per hour.

As reported AccuWeather meteorologist Brett Rathbun, to output a «beryl» is very likely to enter the zone more strong «outer» winds, which, in fact, to disband it. Contribute to this hot, dry air and dust that now surrounds the eye of the storm. Of course, in the ocean, everything can change in a matter of hours, not even days, but experts still believe that a major hurricane threat to the coast, «beryl» will not.

However, the Islands of the Caribbean can be quite severe storms, so those who like to swim or go boating and jet ski urge caution.

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We will remind, in 2012 the storm «beryl» has already attacked the coast of the United States. Then it slammed into Florida. Fortunately, residents of coastal areas are not affected, but thousands of homes were left without electricity.

Another tropical depression, which forecasters are now watching, is formed in one hundred kilometers from Bermuda.