During yesterday’s rains in new York city was flooded 7 metro stations

Heavy rains in new York have created difficulties for the movement of not only the city, but also underneath. Flooded was 7 subway stations. However, the trains never stopped.

Most of the bad weather went to the stations:

  • Dekalb Avenue L stop in Brooklyn,
  • 59th Street station in Midtown,
  • 1 train stop in Manhattan
  • 6 Longwood Avenue stop in the Bronx.

Stairways and platforms was a real waterfall. Passengers had to jump through huge puddles or simply to spank them. Wet and those who rode the trains: the spray got into the cars through the front door.

@MTA let’s talk about it pic.twitter.com/nMCEyh1wW1

— Wufasa. (@Wusuu_) July 17, 2018

The rains have stopped last night around 10pm, finally allowing the services to start to bring the underground up. Now about the elements that raged in the city on Tuesday, resemble social networks. The Department of transport of new York (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) warned residents and guests of the city about the possible consequences of rains. However, not all could abandon subway.

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@NYGovCuomo @NYCMayor shame on you @NYDailyNews @NYPost @nytimes @Gothamist pic.twitter.com/zZdxRlptHS

— IVZ (@wly_cdgr) July 17, 2018

Summer in new York is fickle and capricious as a girl. A week ago, residents of the Big Apple were dying of heat. And here in the city for prolonged thunderstorms and heavy rains. Over Brooklyn was even seen «the birth of a tornado».