The Iowa swept 27 tornado: there are victims, destroyed homes (photo, video)

In Iowa, where usually up to 7 tornadoes per month, for one day yesterday, on July 19, swept about 30 «funnels». Injured, at least 17 people, the tornado overturned cars, destroyed some buildings and left some of the inhabitants of the Central parts of the state are without electricity.

The most affected city of Marshalltownand Sang and Bondurant. Fortunately, according to preliminary information, nobody was killed.

In the center of the elements was a Marshalltown is a city with a population of 27 thousand inhabitants, located 50 miles (80 km) North-East of des Moines.

There are dozens of ripped roofs off buildings, and the dome of the historic courthouse fell down from the height of 53 meters. From the local hospital had to evacuate patients.

«My husband and month-old baby was in our clothing store, – says local resident Stephanie Moz. When I heard the sirens. Had to hide in the basement of the building. The storm broke Windows, destroyed husband’s car, but we survived – this is important».

Local authorities will probably declare the city a disaster area.

Marshalltown is devastated. We are doing what we can to gather information and get a paper out. Please reply if you have a story or information to share.

— Times-Republican (@marshalltowntr) July 19, 2018

Another major tornado struck the plant Vermeer Manufacturing in the city of Sang (40 miles Southeast of des Moines). Then hit the 7 people who were taken to the hospital without serious injuries.

Video shows part of clocktower falling from atop the historic courthouse in Marshalltown, Iowa, as tornadoes cause destruction across multiple counties.

The city of Marshalltown has declared a state of emergency, officials told @ABC News.

— ABC News (@ABC) July 19, 2018

Today, July 20, according to forecasters, the bad weather mainly in the Midwest and in the South: Birmingham (al), Nashville (tn), Louisville (ky), Indianapolis (Indiana) and Detroit (mi).

Earlier, the North Dakota newborn child died during the tornado.