In some places in the United States this week… the snow falls

While the northeast United States is preparing for another «round» of the August heat, in the North-West of the country expected a significant cooling, and in some areas — even snow.

The average day temperature in Seattle (Washington) and Portland (Oregon) will be this week around 75ºF (+23ºC).

But in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming, according to weather forecasts, it will be much colder. So, for the most part Montana is expected to about 53ºF (+11ºC). In the mountainous part of Montana, Idaho and Northwest Wyoming in the afternoon the air temperature can drop to 40ºF (+4ºC), and at night and does predict frosts and snowfalls, including in Yellowstone national Park.

In some places in the United States this week… the snow fallsLake McDonald in Montana

«Everyone who is going on a trip to the North of the Rocky mountains, should make sure that they are well prepared for the snow and cold weather,» says senior AccuWeather meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski.

So the cold snap has one undoubted advantage: it will reduce the fire hazard in the region.

Last week due to smoke from forest fires in Seattle (WA), salt lake city (ut), and Medford (Oregon) canceled several flights and the rest was carried out with long delays.