Storm «Florence» will bring to US lingering showers

Cape Verde Islands, located in the Eastern part of the Atlantic ocean, 600 km from the African continent — a kind of cradle for powerful tropical storms. On the morning of September 1 near the Islands of Cape Verde formed the storm «Florence».

The area of showers and thunderstorms moving West from Africa, on Friday afternoon turned into tropical depression 6, and by Saturday evening, as expected by meteorologists, has developed into a tropical storm.

Small vessels were ordered to stay in ports, and the bathers advised not to swim near Cape Verde at least until Monday, when «Florence» will leave the area.

It is assumed that, passing over the warm surface of the ocean, the storm will intensify, but for the United States in serious danger it poses. Forecasters expect the bad weather for the next 2 weeks.

An echo of the storm will be heavy rains in South Florida. Starting labor Day, Monday, they are likely to go and the whole environment. Residents of the Central part of the state should also prepare for a prolonged downpours: the effect of «Nightingale» will be felt for thousands of miles eastward into the United States.

What meteorologists can say for sure is that tropical waves coming off the West coast of Africa to Florida, will not receive further development. The absence of other consequences of tropical activity except for showers — good news for the sunshine state. But relax still not worth it. We would advise you to check your hurricane kits — after all, now the peak of the hurricane season.

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