Flooding, thunderstorms and heavy rain: the storm «Gordon» hurt new York and new Jersey

In 2018 the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season will be relatively calm compared to last year, when hurricane «Irma» was badly battered Leeward, Caribbean, lesser Antilles and the Florida Keys. But all the same area Tri-state will feel the impact of the disaster.

The national weather service warns that today, 10 September, baboutmost of the day in new York and new Jersey will be rain and thunderstorms — as the echo of the tropical storm «Gordon», proceed past the Tri-state area from the Ohio valley to the Great lakes.

Storm surge slams Dauphin Island, Alabama as Tropical Storm Gordon bears down on the Gulf Coast.

Gordon is only about 30 miles always from Dauphin Island. Gusts up to 50 mph have already been reported in some spots. https://t.co/Ct9DWWOUFt pic.twitter.com/p7pFlB4udl

— ABC News (@ABC) September 5, 2018

Warning of flooding in coastal zones will be in effect until midnight for southern Queens and Nassau County and up to 2 hours a day in some parts of new Jersey. «Gordon» could cause a wave height of 6-8 feet (183-243 cm) and dangerous rip current.

10 September will be cloudy and a bit windy, and the air will be more humid than the last few days. The maximum temperature will be 69°F (20°C).

Governor Andrew Cuomo urged new Yorkers to exercise caution and to prepare for the impact of heavy rain that can go well into the evening.

«Services across the state are ready to assist with equipment and supplies, if heavy rain will cause damage to or any emergency situation,» said Cuomo.

As storm Gordon weakens, the hurricane «Florence,» approaching the East coast, gaining strength.