Meteorologist ran during the live broadcast in the building flooded because of the hurricane «Florence»

A meteorologist from North Carolina, telling the hurricane «Florence«, was forced to leave the live broadcast right in the middle of issue of the weather as the building started flooding.

Eerie video as WCTI»s meteorologists finally evacuate due to rising waters mid-broadcast, just leaving the radar of Florence»s rain bands looping on repeat

— Brian L. Kahn (@blkahn) September 14, 2018

Hurricane «Florence» with the power of the first category covered the coast of North Carolina Friday morning, September 14. The storm caused major flooding in the town of new Bern, where the channel WCTI, the ABC affiliate.

The channel was forced to evacuate its staff except for two intrepid meteorologists who remained in the building and continued to broadcast weather news.

«The water is approaching the building, and employees were evacuated. But we’re here to keep you informed of events,» tweeted one of the daredevils, Shane Hinton.

Soon, Donnie Cox, a second meteorologist, suddenly out of the frame during the broadcast. As it turned out, the water began to rise so rapidly that forecasters decided not to risk their lives.

New Bern, with a population of 30 thousand people took over one of the main impacts of the disaster. According to preliminary information, more than a hundred people are trapped on rooftops or in cars due to the rapid flooding.