Florence continues to rage in North Carolina: the death toll rose to 7

Yesterday we reported that due to violent onslaught of Florence on the North Carolina killed a mother with a baby and, unfortunately, this is not the last casualties caused by natural disasters – authorities confirmed the death of 5 people, so the total number of deaths from Florence reached 7.

According to the latest data published on the website of the National hurricane center, hurricane Florence weakened to a tropical storm. Despite this, the people of North Carolina still suffering from his «no hurricane» power: heavy wind breaks communication, and heavy rains cause the ponds to go from the coast.

It is expected that the storm will rage in the South and North Carolina all weekend. The national hurricane Center has published the projected movement of Florence on the United States for the next 3 and 5 days.

Florence continues to rage in North Carolina: the death toll rose to 7

It is reported that in both States as of 07:00 on Saturday, there were almost a million (951 000) cases of blackouts that have occurred in the wee hours.

Most of these outages were reported in North Carolina. The Department of public security of the state (Department of Public Safety) reported that 786 000 people lost electricity, most affected residents in the counties of new Hanover, Brunswick, Onslow, Carteret, Cumberland, Robeson, Sampson and Wake. In South Carolina, more than 165,000 homes were left without electricity, according to emergency Management (Division of Emergency Management).

But the lack of electricity is just one of the problems with which the authorities of both States currently face. Flood – a natural disaster, triggered by the release of Florence on the coast of the United States, continues to threaten the inhabitants of these States. And the situation becomes even worse, because the amount of precipitation here in the last day, has long exceeded the norm.

Despite the fact that the center of Florence had already left the territory of North Carolina, state continues to suffer from severe flooding: rains moving through the Southeast part of the ongoing flow, so by 11 o’clock Saturday morning the situation so serious the flooding will worsen, as the water level will rise another 6-10 inches (about 15-25 cm). After new Bern severe flooding threatens, according to the National weather service, all the districts in the Eastern part of the state,particularly «get» such cities as Charlotte and Fayetteville.