Hurricane «Florence» moved up the wedding of this couple… in the city of Hurricane

Marsha Bradbury and John Gillenwater preparing for a gorgeous wedding on the Islands of the Outer Banks in North Carolina, but all their plans mixed hurricane «Florence».

And, obviously, the fate of no escape: the only place where you can spend the celebration was the city of Hurricane is Hurricane.

«For four days I kept saying, «Honey, don’t worry, the hurricane will go North. Everything will be okay,» says the groom. «Not at all,» laughs the bride.

The wedding venue, the organization where I flew in love with penny, just approaching the «Nightingale».

Only the groom and bride. Everywhere they were told one thing: time for the Sunday ceremony there.

Time was found only in the city hall of the city of hurricane in West Virginia.

«The planned wedding did not take place because of the hurricane, but she will be right in the Hurricane, — joked the mayor hurricanes Edwards.

According to Marsha and John, bringing wedding vows, mentally they will be with those who remained in their homes, determined to meet the elements face to face.

«We are very worried about them,’ said the bride, but I hope that all will be well.»