The hurricane season continues: a few storms can threaten the United States

The peak period of hurricane activity in the Atlantic had passed. Officially the season runs until 30 November as in mid-October, often formed by several tropical storms and hurricanes. 2018 is no exception.

AccuWeather meteorologists led by expert on hurricanes Dan Kotlowski expect 2 to 4 tropical storms, of which 1-2 are expected to become hurricanes.

By the way, the situation could be worse. Compared to August–September of 2017, when the U.S. hit «Irma», «Harvey» and «Maria», for the same period of 2018 the only major hurricane (3rd category and above) in the pool was «Florence».

«There are 4 «features» that are watching the AccuWeather meteorologists in connection with the possible formation of a tropical storm in late September,» said Kotlowski.

Due to the high humidity of the new system may be formed in the same place where the devastating hurricane «Florence», and between the Azores and Bermuda. In addition, the US side goes tropical wave recently recorded near Africa, next week it can reach the American coast.

About 750 roads remain closed (down from 2,200), including sections of I-40 & I-95. US 258 in Kinston was closed Thurs due to flooding. Drivers should plan for US 70 to be closed as the Neuse continues to rise. US 421 at the New Hanover Co line is now closed. #FlorenceNC

— NCDOT (@NCDOT) September 20, 2018

«About 750 of roads remain closed (from 2 200), including sections of I-40 and I-95. Due to flooding on Thursday were closed route US 258 in Kinston. Drivers should consider the closure of US 70 as the water level in the Neuse river continues to grow. Closed US 421 in New Hanover County».

By the way, meteorologists and state governments, which swept «Florence,» warn that the water level in the rivers continues to rise. Thursday, September 20, the number of victims of the storm rose to 41 people, including 31 in North Carolina.

«Heavy rains and floods in North Carolina driven unprecedented amounts of water to South Carolina along the beds of rivers, Lynches, Great Pee Dee, Little Pee Dee and Waccamaw — wrote the Governor of South Carolina , Henry McMaster. — Damage in the northeastern part of our state would be catastrophic, exceeding all that has been recorded in modern history.»