Chicago with a cool and cloudy weekend

Chicago with a cool and cloudy weekend

Friday showers may linger in Chicago and on Saturday morning. This was stated by Andrew Krein, a meteorologist for the National weather service. However, experts say, in the afternoon the sky cleared a bit the clouds, and the rain stops. However, some clouds still remain. The maximum daytime temperature will reach 80 degrees Fahrenheit, but on the shore along the lake will be cooler.

«Most of the weekend should be dry,» said crane.

Sunday will start partly cloudy, but the afternoon clouds will thicken. Probable torrential rains and thunderstorms in some areas and the suburbs. The temperature will be about 70 degrees or slightly below.

The meteorologist said that for this time of year in Chicago is characterized by a high temperature (around 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit). So the upcoming weekend can be quite cool (temperatures averaging 10 degrees below normal.