«The death comet» will pass by Earth on November 11

Shortly after Halloween, November 11, by the Earth will pass the asteroid 2015 TB145, nicknamed because of its sinister forms of «a comet of death.»

The diameter of the asteroid is approximately 600 m, and the distance between it and the Earth will be the accounting period by 40.23 million km, so to see it with the naked eye will not work.

This celestial body, astronomers have discovered 10 Oct 2015 with a telescope Pan-STARRS1, is installed on top of the inactive volcano Haleakala on the island of Maui (Hawaii). The asteroid hit the lens of the telescope shortly before Halloween, so NASA gave him the nickname «the Great pumpkin».

For the first time by the Earth «the Great pumpkin» was held on 31 October 2015. Having image of the asteroid, scientists were discouraged: he looked like not a pumpkin and… a human skull!

Spooky skull-shaped ‘Halloween Death Comet’ is heading towards Earth. 🤘⚡ METAL AF ⚡🤘https://t.co/0qctVZIHfa pic.twitter.com/HbagEaEzge

— Dave Briggs 💀🥦 (@xtaldave) September 29, 2018

Odd shape — not the only thing that fueled the interest of astronomers in the asteroid. Then, in October 2015, he was on a relatively small distance from Earth — approximately 486 thousand km (For comparison: the average distance between earth and the Moon — 384,4 th. km)

Scientists call asteroid 2015 TB145 extinct comet that has lost a large part of the ice and gas due to the repeated encounters with the Sun, and qualify as a potentially hazardous object because its diameter exceeds 150 m. However, according to experts, the probability of collision of asteroid with the Earth is practically zero.

The cosmic «skull» will pass by Earth more than a dozen times. In 2088 the year it is, according to scientists, will be from our planet 8.69 million km.

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