«Florence,» washed up poisonous snakes and dead birds

Devastating floods, interruptions in the supply of electricity, storm surges and damaged buildings is not all the effects of the historic hurricane «Florence».

Bradley Thomas Dixon, a firefighter from North Topsail Beach, walked through a flooded Golf course, when suddenly I saw snakes, known under different names: water moccasin or Copperhead-Riboud, as well as under the more popular name — the «wood snake».

«Naturally, I was a little scared, so I retreated about six or eight feet from them on a dry surface,» — said AccuWeather Dixon, who posted a video with a few snakes on Facebook.

The man admitted he had never experienced with snakes, so it was really scary, but he could not film what they saw, because it was certain that friends would not believe his words.

However, Copperhead was not the only unusual creatures, which brought the hurricane. In a network there are many videos of fire ants, creating a floating «island» to escape from «Nightingale».

Dixon also said that, walking along the beach after a storm, saw a lot of dead birds and fish on the shore.

«I just wanted to get out and explore the beach, and at the same time to stretch my legs,’ said Dixon. — There were so many animals that didn’t survive the storm.»

Trash from Haiti and the Dominican Republic has landed at Topsail Island on the North Carolina coast after an 1,100+…

Posted by Bradley Thomas Dixon on Sunday, September 23, 2018

A huge number of plastic bottles, caps, cups and children’s toys were also found on the beaches after the hurricane. According to fireman, all this rubbish brought from Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Millions of fire ants form floating «Islands» to escape from the hurricane «Florence»

Fire ants have a powerful sting and a strong poison, and literally sail away from a hurricane «Florence», forming «rafts», said the weather resource the Weather Channel.

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