The hurricane Michael has strengthened to a 3-category, approaching the coast of Florida

According to the National hurricane center, «Michael» reached the 3rd category. The wind speed increased up to 193 km/h with gusts reaching 240 km/h.

Today (October 9) about 120 thousand people were forced to evacuate because of the proximity to the Gulf of Mexico powerful hurricane Michael.

Governor of Florida Rick Scott warned residents of the North-West of the state, «monstrous hurricane» is only a few hours from the coast. He asked them to prepare for the storm, to go to a safe place or to hide in shelters, because «Michael» can be deadly because of the destructive wind, storm surges and heavy rain.

The international space station showed the video, it looks like the hurricane is «Michael» from space.

Authorities in Florida in preparation for the hurricane took some measures:

  • Free Wi-Fi: to help the residents and employees of emergency services to stay connected after the storm, the telecommunications company Comcast has opened more than 8 thousand points of access free Wi-Fi throughout Florida.
  • Generators standby: Ministry of transport of Florida has prepared backup generators to operate traffic signal.
  • The organization of disaster response: the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army have a staff and mobile devices in idle mode. Mobile canteens of the Salvation Army can provide from 500 to 1500 meals a day.
  • Maps of debris online: residents can report trash and debris after the storm on the waters. All you need to do is send a picture, location and a small description.

The last major hurricane — category 3 or above, landed on the coast of Florida from the Panhandle was hurricane Dennis. Then in 2005 the water has risen so much that a fully flooded highway 98 along the national Park «big bend».