People post videos where the hurricane Michael rips rooftops and floods the city

With the arrival on the American coast devastating hurricane in the Internet appeared video with breathtaking footage.

Floridians are publishing scene, which is seen as «Michael» tear the roof of hotels and private houses. The wind is so strong that not every building is able to resist his impulses. About to look outside, does not say.

In one case, in the middle of it was the journalists of the TV channel ABC. They were inside the building when the entrance to the room began to literally crumble. The operator managed to shoot the incident on camera, captured as standing near the SUV goes down the ruined ceiling.

Another team of reporters also witnessed extraordinary events. The correspondent of TV channel AccuWeather was live, when the wind tore the roof from one of the nearby houses. The journalists were amazed by the force of a hurricane and could only watch as the ceiling of the building flew in all directions.

Another witness posted to the social network Instagram pictures, which depicted the flooded and destroyed buildings. The whole area in a few hours was under water. Obviously, to be on earth at this time is a bad idea. People are trying to get to higher ground to stay safe. Judging by the number of videos posted by eyewitnesses, thousands of people remained in the districts where it was declared mandatory evacuation.

Representatives of FEMA said that residents of Florida, North and South Carolina, Georgia and other States sent additional rescue teams. Professionals from across the country ready to help affected regions.

It is also worth noting that just a few hours after the release on the Florida coast, the hurricane moved from 4th category to 3rd. This means that the peak of the damage is likely behind us. However, the specialists of NHC continues to monitor the situation by reporting any changes within «Michael.»


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