The hurricane Michael: the part of Florida residents refused to evacuate, and NASA showed the view from space

Today, October 10, the South-East coast of the United States of America faced one of the most destructive hurricanes of the season. Going to Florida, «Michael» has increased up to 4-th categories, which made it a potential threat for inhabitants of the region.

Authorities are evacuating the most vulnerable to disaster settlements, faced with the fact that some people refuse to leave the house. Someone hopes to wait out the hurricane behind strong walls, and someone who relies on a miracle, sipping strong coffee in the trailers.

Americans living on the coast, say they are ready to meet the raging forces of nature. Despite a mandatory evacuation in 13 districts, many decided to stay at home and meet the hurricane «face to face». In some coastal communities people just don’t have enough money to leave their belongings and start anew.

Residents of such areas are saved independently. Usually, the city offers of asylum that people could count on. Rescuers say that back home in Florida are seriously risking their safety. Given the strength of hurricane Michael, the destruction can be enormous.

Element struck the coast a few hours ago. The wind speed in the epicenter of events in excess of 250 km/h. the network has already appeared the first videos showing the full force of a raging storm. «Michael» roots uproots trees, destroys buildings and infrastructure in the region.

The International space station camera recorded the activities of the hurricane and record it on video shortly before approaching the American coast. In the video you can see the devastating hurricane Michael in all its glory.


Murderous hurricane Michael rushed to Florida

Hurricane «Michael» the most dangerous 4th category, with a sustained wind force of up to 240 km/h struck the Panama city. The power of the element will feel even cities inside Florida.


The center of hurricane Michael from space it looks like a creepy skull (photo)

Photos and videos taken by satellites, though warn that hurricane Michael is extremely dangerous! In «eye of the storm» by meteorologists and ordinary people saw the skull.