«Michael» — the most powerful hurricane in the US for 14 years

The hurricane Michael, which has already started to collect the bloody tribute, called the most powerful hurricane after the «Andrew» that struck the continental United States in 1992.

On October 10, «Michael» broke in Panama city (FL) with the power of 4th category. The wind force in the center at that time had reached 249 km/h. A little more and he would have reached the most destructive of the 5th category, which is called catastrophic.

Element almost erased from the face of the earth in the town of Mexico beach.

A whole house was ripped apart in #Mexico Beach #Florida. Here is video of parts of the home washing up to other properties. This is one powerful storm. #HurricaneMichael. (via Tessa Talarico) #Hurricane #mexicobeach pic.twitter.com/BBlzMm4Au2

— Josh Benson (@WFLAJosh) October 10, 2018

«In Mexico beach (FL) blew to pieces the house. Here is a video of parts of the house, washed to other objects. This is one of the most powerful storms.»

Let’s give some other evidence of monstrous force, «Michael»:

  • «Michael» became the first hurricane of the 4th category, coming ashore in Panhandle (FL).
  • He also became the first major hurricane of category 3 or higher that hit Florida after hurricane Dennis in 2005.
  • After 1950, 4 major hurricanes came ashore in Panhandle: «Eloise» in 1975, Opal in 1995, Dennis in 2005, and in 2018 — «Michael.»
  • According to forecasts, «Michael» will sweep in from Florida to Maryland.
  • Warning hurricane / tropical storm was about 30 million people in 6 States: Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, South and North Carolina.
  • Michael, the 7th hurricane in 2018 in the Atlantic basin. Usually by this time in the Atlantic accounts for about 5 hurricanes.
  • In October, Florida had more hurricanes than any other month in the history of the state.

These photos show a Florida mobile home park demolished by Hurricane Michael https://t.co/cQwnJlwfMF pic.twitter.com/inc2uJAOzE

— CNN (@CNN) October 11, 2018

Now «Michael», weakened to a tropical storm, moving North and South Carolina, which had not yet recovered from the hurricane «Florence,» killed in September 44. Destructive winds «Michael» felled trees and cut power lines that come across his path.