Gusty winds and rain: hurricane Michael touched new York

Today (October 11) in new York released a warning about a possible flood, since most of the Tri-state area heavy rains.

As reported by the national weather service (National Weather Service — NWS), in the evening Big Apple can drown in the shower. It is also possible thunderstorms and gusty winds. The warning was released at the time from noon of 11 October to 6 am on 12 October. The most heavy rainfall (7-12 cm) will be held in the southern and Eastern parts of the city.

Such a change in the weather associated with passing to the North-East of Virginia and North Carolina, hurricane Michael, which touched and new York.

Afternoon the air temperature did not fall below +23°C. later in the afternoon the thermometer will show +16°C, this temperature will remain until the next day.

The rain will continue all night. By morning he’ll be down on long island. However in the afternoon the sky clears.

Weekend in new York would be pretty cool.


Murderous hurricane Michael rushed to Florida

Hurricane «Michael» the most dangerous 4th category, with a sustained wind force of up to 240 km/h struck the Panama city (FL).

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