The hurricane Michael: the death toll has risen to 7 people, several cities destroyed

U.S. residents are realizing the degree of devastation brought by hurricane «Michael».

At the moment we know about 7’s of the victims of the bad weather, and the damage is estimated at tens of billions of dollars. The head of the Federal emergency management Agency admitted that several villages were «wiped off the face of the earth.»

The majority of victims (5 persons) were residents of Florida, North Carolina and Georgia for the victims of the hurricane are even 2 people. Among the dead include 11-year-old child. The girl was killed with part of the iron canopy which blew off by the wind. Steel hit the baby right in the head, leading to instant death.

In another case, a man died after a tree fell on his house. It is noteworthy that this incident happened in the County of Gadsden (Florida), where life has lost three more people. The circumstances under which they died is unknown.

With regard to infrastructure and cities, many settlements seriously suffered after a meeting with the hurricane. «Michael» literally destroyed Mexico beach, a famous tourist resort. The footage, which was published in social networks, clearly shows that the once nice town is in chaos destruction. Seems like it dropped a huge bomb.

A similar situation is observed in the Panhandle, where it was destroyed entire neighborhoods. Here sit without light 350 thousand people who were lucky enough to survive in the midst of the storm. People say that in the midst of bad weather could be seen flying past parts of houses, cars and other objects that, as a rule, air does not rise.

The hurricane Michael: the death toll has risen to 7 people, several cities destroyed
Hurricane «Michael» in the truest sense of the word destroyed Mexico beach, a famous tourist resort. Photo: youtube

Among the most affected cities are also listed Callaway. Here the streets are littered with debris and rubble. Authorities warn that the recovery of the settlement will take a lot of money, and the time for execution of works difficult to predict.

Meanwhile, hurricane Michael continues to move. In the coming days to meet him in North and South Carolina. These States have not yet come to himself after the rampage «Nightingale», and now they will clash with the next storm.


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