A pair of folded HELP from fallen trees after the hurricane, and saw a relative on the online map

The wonderful story of salvation occurred after the hurricane Michael, recently devastated North-West coast of Florida.

A couple from Florida who used fallen trees to put the word «Help», were rescued after their niece saw the call for help on the online map, taken from the air.

This is an incredible story of how people are working together in this situation. Someone from another county was using…

Posted by Bay County, Florida Emergency Services on Saturday, October 13, 2018

As described in the emergency Service of Bay County, they contacted a woman named amber G.

On Thursday, October 11, she was evacuated with her two children from home in Panama city, but worried about his aunt and uncle, living to the North-East of the city. On Saturday, October 13, amber was considered an interactive map of the National oceanic and atmospheric administration, suddenly saw the word «HELP» in the place where was located the courtyard of the house of her relatives.

As it turned out, amber’s uncle, Ernest g, used trees felled by the hurricane to call for help.

Sunday, October 14, the rescue team reached the couples. «Uncle was always able to think outside the box,» says amber.

In light of the fact that the official death toll, as they say rescuers, is only going to grow (now it is 18 people), this story really gives hope to residents of Florida, Georgia and Virginia — States that have borne the brunt of «Michael.»