The deadly «tornado alley» in the U.S. shifting to the East

«Tornado alley», conditionally passing through the Great plains, is now shifting to the East. This is evidenced by the new study, published yesterday, October 17, in the journal Climate and Atmospheric Science.

«Tornado alley» is the informal term for the United States, where there is the greatest number of tornadoes. It covers the territory of States Texas (North) Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota (Eastern half) and in Eastern Colorado.

According to observations, in recent years sharply increased the number of tornadoes in the United States located East of the «alley» in Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama, Kentucky, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, some parts of Ohio and Michigan.

But in Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas, the number of tornadoes has decreased. (Although the Lone star State — Texas is still a national leader in the tornado.)

Why is the offset of the «alley» alarmed scientists? The fact that States in the direction which she «drifts» more populous.

«More people – higher risk of deaths during the [RAID] elements,» says the study’s lead author — Professor Northern Illinois University Victor Gensini.

According to Gensini, the area of the Great plains become drier, and this is not conducive to the formation of tornadoes, which are «like» regions, where the mixed dry air and humid air masses coming from the Gulf of Mexico.

Experts explain the offset of «tornado alley» of global climate change.

But the advice in the topic: what to do and where to go during a tornado.