Hawaiian island went under water after the hurricane (photo)

A hurricane of the 5th category erased from the world map Hawaiian island ist island, endangering the existence of rare animals. The destruction of the island recently confirmed by scientists.

East island was not inhabited by people, but his 445 m2 was inhabited by Hawaiian monk seals and green sea skull. The island was literally razed to the water of the October hurricane «Balak», which came out on the coast, but in the Pacific ocean raged with the power of the 5th category.

«It was the most important island for nesting of certain species of turtles,» says biologist Charles Littnan.

Chip Fletcher, a University of Hawaii scientist, wasn’t surprised a hurricane is made more intense due to #climatechange — had wiped out East, Island in the northwestern Hawaiian Islands, home to seals and endangered sea turtles. But he didn’t expect it this soon. #hinews @noaa pic.twitter.com/ejcGuh0XMF

— Nathan Eagle (@NathanEagle) October 22, 2018

According to the scientist-climatologist from the University of Hawaii Chip Fletcher, due to the increase in sea level, the island would still be gone under water, but without the hurricane it would have happened a few decades.

Now in the Maritime national wildlife refuge Papahānaumokuākea, where the East island, scientists carry out a preliminary assessment of the damage and the impact of the death of the island to the biological complex of the Hawaiian archipelago.

«Animals are resistant to change. But the hour is not far when this (the adaptive abilities of animals. — USA.one) will not be enough, warns biologist Charles Littnan. — We need to help them.»

Earlier, the hurricane Michael wiped off the face of the earth city in Florida.