Too much weather Americans to vote on election day?

On Tuesday, November 6, in some Eastern regions of the United States will be raging storm. Strong wind, rain and possibly thunderstorms can interfere to give the vote to residents of a third country, say the results of a recent study. As has shown poll, bad weather can reduce turnout by 20%.

A storm will roll through the north-central United States with chilly rain and even some snow during the first weekend of November:

— AccuWeather (@breakingweather) November 4, 2018

New York

Usually, the street is warmer, the more new Yorkers goes to the polls. But strong winds, especially with rain to cool their determination to fulfill their civic duty. According to the forecasters, early Tuesday morning the temperature in the Big Apple will be higher than in the rest of the state, but the storm may bring rain and gusty winds.


On election day the sky will tighten clouds, the temperature will rise slowly to +1…+4 up to +7…+9°C. So that those who go to the polls, is recommended to bring an umbrella. Go in the morning rain, the evening can turn into a downpour.

West Virginia

Cloudy and windy weather cools the ardor of the voters, especially those aged between 25 and 44 years. Meanwhile, the state is advancing storm front. The determination of the Democrats of West Virginia less susceptible to wind, compared to the Republicans they show the best turnout in bad weather.


Cool and damp weather entice voters to stay home, but if the temperature outside is comfortable, the rain, the residents of tn will not interfere to go to the polls. If forecasters expect the bad weather, then the local voters trying to vote either early or after the storm subsides. There is a possibility that on Tuesday, in the Eastern part of the state will be thunderstorms. In the West and center of Tennessee will be Sunny, but on the eve of possible damage to power lines and power outages due to strong storms and wind.


In warm weather, most Florida residents planning to vote, but in the heat (which according to forecasters, Tuesday) voter turnout usually decreases. Upstate expected showers and thunderstorms, so be careful on the street!


The storm front that will take the state on Monday evening, when a vote will leave. In some places there will be interruptions in the supply of electricity.


Texas voters are more affected by temperature than precipitation. So, the Democrats better vote in cooler weather, which is expected in the Northern areas of the state. In the greater part of Texas will be warm and light rain. The temperature will range from 26°C in San Antonio and Houston to 32°C in the South.


In this state, the rain doesn’t scare voters. However, at a relatively low temperature precipitation reduces turnout at the elections in the North-Eastern areas, especially in the morning. The declining voter turnout across the state is also expected because of the cold wind.


In Iowa, all of Tuesday will be windy. The day temperature will be kept at 3-4°C, and in the evening will decrease.


This state weather forecasters promise a squally wind and rain, sometimes turning into snow, especially in Northern and Western areas.

North Dakota

Going to vote, please dress warmly. The temperature of the air on 6 November, will fluctuate around -1°C, about 5°C below normal. A strong wind will reduce the temperature. In some Northern areas it can snow.


Air temperature 5°C below the norm may hinder voter turnout in Montana. Likely to rain and snowfall, especially in the Western and Central regions.


Snowfall is expected in mountain areas in the North of Colorado. Tuesday will be mostly dry, but 3-5°C colder than normal.


Sunny but cooler than usual weather won’t keep him from voting residents of Arizona. Most often they miss the election when it’s cloudy, hot and muggy. But on Tuesday of this extreme is not expected.


Residents of Nevada nothing must interfere to vote. This day will be partly cloudy weather without wind and rain. The temperature will range from 4°C in the North-East of the state to 21°C in the South.

I hope the bad weather will not prevent you to come to the polling station!