Malicious smog from forest fires in California will last until at least Friday

Officials and rescuers say that the malware could affected by forest fire areas of California will last at least until Friday. In addition, doctors are talking about the special danger because of the smoky air and urged residents of the affected localities to stay at home with closed doors and Windows.

«We expect that poor air quality will remain at least until Friday,» he told reporters Christine Roselius, the representative of Management on control over quality of air.

Smoke air can have a bad effect on the health of people living hundreds of miles from the epicenter of the disaster raging in the North and South California. In areas located in close proximity to the places where they had fires, the state government asked residents to stay home and without special need not to appear on the street.

«It will affect everyone. We have heard even from healthy people about the problems with the eyes, sore throat and coughing,» he continued, Roselius. Also, experts say that residents of affected areas may experience severe headaches and unexplained fatigue. In such circumstances, many people in Northern California began to wear on the street, masks, and respirators. It is also reported that in many districts, air pollution got 150-200 points on the air quality index. This level is classified as «unhealthy».

In southern California air quality on Monday slightly improved, but to a satisfactory condition is still far.

In California last week raging most destructive forest fires that have claimed at the moment, 44 of human life.