Camel strolling through the snow-covered highway, has become an Internet star (video)

The raging snowstorm, which broke into the US proved to the Americans a big surprise. But some drivers witnessed this picture, which shocked them even more than Blizzard.

Motorists who were passing on the highway forty miles (64 km) North of Philadelphia (PA), began writing on Twitter about what he had seen of a camel. In the video, released by the user, Megan Vogel, seen the animal standing in the snow along the highway.

«She’s just a camel on the 309th in a Blizzard» — ironically said the eyewitness.

Nbd just a camel on 309 in a snow storm 😂🐫 #wtf

— meg❋ (@meg_vogel) November 15, 2018

Another user, Def gronk wrote: «have You ever seen a camel in the snow?»

Have you ever seen a camel in the snow?

— Deaf Gronk (@Tylerkio) November 15, 2018

Soon the Philly Jewish organization took responsibility for walking the mammal. As reported by the representatives of the famous camel’s name is Einstein and he was headed to Philadelphia’s Kimmel Center, when the car on which carried an animal stuck.

of course there would be a camel on 309…. welcome to the lehigh valley🤷🏻♀ app

— jess🌹❤ app (@JessicaCestare_) November 15, 2018

Later Jewish Philly wrote on Twitter that the trainer of Einstein decided that the camel should go home after the snow incident, so he returned to the Peaceable Kingdom Petting Zoo.

Sadly Einstein the camel didn’t make it to the Kimmel Center this evening. His ride got stuck in the weather and decided it was best for him to go home. Thank you for everyone’s concern. Einstein is safe and happy to be headed home to Peaceable Kingdom Petting Zoo.

— JewishPhilly (@JFedinPhilly) November 16, 2018

In the organization claim that heat-loving animals is all well and he is in perfect health. Jewish Philly thanked concerned who was worried about him.

Many users have noted that the camel Einstein has become the mascot of this winter.

Note that during the raging snow storm was not only amazing things, but also very sad. In a few States as a result of the storm killed 9 people.