Thanksgiving in new York promise a record cold

Thanksgiving this year in new York could be one of the coldest holidays in the history of meteorological observations in the city and state.

So, going Hiking in Central Park or the Macy’s parade, be sure to wear a down jacket or parka, and don’t forget a warm scarf and gloves.

The cold Arctic front will come to new York just in time for thanksgiving, November 22, forecasters say.

A sharp decline in temperatures will begin in the night from Wednesday to Thursday. According to meteorologists, air temperature will fall to 20ºF (–6ºC) in the city and up to 13ºF (–10ºC) in the suburbs.

That happy — thanksgiving promises to be Sunny, though quite cold. (As they say, «frost and sun — day wonderful».)

The day temperature in new York is unlikely to rise above 25ºF (–4ºC). In addition, the city is expected gusty wind that is of concern to the organizers of the Macy’s parade with their balloons.

If you are going to shop in black Friday, you may want to consider the option of online ordering, because the street is still cold. Day November 23 — high 28ºF (–2ºC).

However, do not despair. Significant warming in the Big Apple will be on Saturday, November 24 when the region will be under the influence of the low pressure approaching from the West country.

On the holiday weekend in new York city and the suburbs will warm up to 49ºF (+9ºC) in places of possible intermittent rain. Warm, say forecasters, will last until Monday, November 26.

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