Weather forecast for metro new York. Rain, possible snow

Meteorologists promise tonight rain and possibly a storm in new York, which can result in the snowfall. Heavy rain possible throughout the Big Apple, including the subway station. New York subway caught the fancy of residents and tourists for its refreshing rains and spectacular cascading waterfalls. Where else can you meet? Users of social networks, of course, always happy to share with followers captured on phone by an underground fairytale of new York.

Love @andrewcuomo»s @mta. Can’t wait for them to raise the fares cause people should definitely pay more for this delightful experience @Gothamist

— woolyknickers (@woolyknickers) November 26, 2018

Other hohmachi offer the city in this weather to charge passengers additional fees. But one should not treat the underground storms lightly. For smaller brothers these weather anomalies is a real stress, they need to show all their strengths in order not to drown in the subway, and get to the destination as the rat in September.

Do you think your commute was rough? This poor rat got stuck in a flooded subway stop in Manhattan. New York City was hit with heavy rain on Tuesday, causing water to rush onto the subway platform.

— CBS 6 WTVR Richmond (@CBS6) September 19, 2018

From the bowels of the subway with the flood come up unknown creatures — probably peace-loving.

city life and subway commutes in New York really does take its toll on your face and smile 😁

— Gen (@GiantRobot7) November 27, 2018

Waiting for the fashion industry to start producing designer rubber footwear «metro», and you’ll have the memories and use pradedov galoshes «a La Russe» or rubber boots such as «Soviet childhood». It is not good if soaked in the rain in the subway, you go out on the street under snow and cold wind.

Authorities, of course, trying to prevent the festival of Neptune in the realm of Hades, hoping to force sandbags, but these dams are not very helpful, when new York starts to really rain.

By the way, tonight, when the streets will rain with snow, the temperature will range from warm to cold when the humidity is high, passengers may be lucky enough to see a truly rare phenomenon: the famous new York metastasectomy.