Miami expects the heat to 200 degrees by the year 2100

Miami expects the heat to 200 degrees by the year 2100

In accordance with recent studies, University of Hawaii, published in Nature Climate Change, Miami will have a very hot future. No, in the truest sense of the word hot! Scientists have concluded that by 2100 the average temperature in the city will reach 100, maybe 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

The increasing threat to people’s lives from excessive heat is already a problem will only be exacerbated if the level of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere are not limited to, the study says.

Today Miami is in the top three among the cities, where record-high temperatures are dangerous to people’s lives. Last year in the Miami Herald cited statistics confirming the fact that the heat in the city kills more people than any other weather disaster. Heat index (number of hot days in a year) has not ceased to grow and by 2100, scientists believe the number of hot days will increase to 200 – almost 2/3 of the calendar year. And that Miami is the most dangerous risk in the country.

The study also says that some of the poorest countries in Latin America, South America, Central Africa and South Asia can exist in the conditions of lethal heat throughout the year to the end of the century.

Scientists warn that the temperature at 37 degrees Celsius (98.6 degrees Fahrenheit) is critical for the person, as exceeds the natural body temperature and contributes to overheating and can cause substantial harm.