Winter tornado swept through Washington. Now the storm moves East

A powerful tornado struck Washington, damaging many houses and nonresidential buildings.

As reported by meteorologists, a tornado struck the Port orchard Tuesday afternoon, December 18, after in the North-West of the Pacific ocean raged for major storms. In the city, destroyed homes and businesses. Fortunately, the people, according to preliminary information, was not injured.

“Like there’s debris everywhere.”

Officials in Port Orchard, Washington, confirm a tornado touched down this afternoon as severe storms pound the Pacific Northwest. There were no immediate reports of any injuries.

— ABC News (@ABC) December 18, 2018

Local resident Richard Raymond managed to run out of the house within a couple of seconds before the building collapsed 3 wood.

City officials are trying to quickly remove debris and fallen trees from the streets and to repair the damaged power lines.

Just getting this pictures from our chopper. A rare tornado damaged several homes and businesses in Port Orchard, 23 miles SW of Seattle. #wawx #Tornado #wx

— Ted Land (@TedLandK5) December 18, 2018

Officials insist that although they have a plan of action in case of a devastating tornado, this violence of the elements they’ve had to a few decades. This is confirmed by local residents. «I’ve lived here 50 years, Nancy says Makri. But tornadoes, and even winter is something new».

Now the storm brought tornadoes to the state, moving East through the Rocky mountains. Storm warning issued for 8 States from Florida to new Jersey.

So, Wednesday, December 19, in Tennessee, North and South Carolina, and Florida expected strong winds, sometimes heavy, Blizzard, there is a danger of tornado.

Output from the banks of rivers and flooding of certain districts throughout the East coast of the USA until Friday, December 21. Showers will come to Washington (D.C.), Massachusetts, new York and Maine.

In some areas along the East coast expected to 3 inches (7.6 cm) of precipitation in the form of rain.