This year at Christmas time no snow is expected. But the rain is another matter

Unfortunately, before Christmas, the weather will not spoil us. Expected heavy rains and gusty winds. Timing because heavy precipitation promise in the Friday before Christmas when many Americans, who planned travel and visits to relatives, are in the way.

The wind speed can reach about 80 km/hour, which raises concerns about power outages. You must also avoid minor or moderate coastal flooding.

According to forecasters, on Thursday, the rain will intensify and reach its peak at night. Possible thunderstorm. On Friday, the rain will weaken a bit, the temperature rises to 16°C, but it will not make the weather nicer. At the end of the day it may take another heavy rain.

In General you should expect 50-75 mm of rain, which will create the threat of flooding along the coast. Saturday precipitation is not expected, the temperature drops to 10°C on Sunday to 5°C.

It seems that this year to expect snow on Christmas day is not necessary.