Christmas night in the state of new York are expecting heavy snowfall

In the Central part of new York, from noon Christmas eve until Christmas morning. it is expected heavy snowfall. According to forecasts, will fall to 15 cm of snow.

As stated by the national weather service (National Weather Service — NWS), the snow will begin today after 13: 00 and will go until 7 a.m. Tuesday, hampering the movement of vehicles.

According to the NWS, heavy snow and wind in the second half of the day will be the result of the so-called «lake effect». This weather phenomenon occurs when cold, dry air currents passing over relatively warm bodies of water, warmed and saturated with moisture, after which it condenseries and falls as rain.

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Severe storms will be in the districts of Onondaga, Madison, Cortland and southern Cayuga. The thickness of the snow cover will be there from 5 to 12 cm, and in some areas and all 15 cm.

Traffic and weather services are warning drivers about possible problems while driving: poor visibility and icing of roads are not just slow down the speed of traffic, but also increase the probability of accidents. So very carefully plan your route, check the condition of the car before leaving and be careful driving!