Midwest USA winter storm confronts ebony

The national weather service of the USA reports serious deterioration of weather conditions in Central and North-Eastern States. Winter storm ebony collapsed in the Midwest and has brought many problems to the people of this region.

Thursday, December 27, turned out to be a difficult day for the States of Nebraska, Kansas, North and South Dakota, and Texas. The storm also actively being covered with snow Minnesota and affects the Northern part of Michigan and Wisconsin. In Texas due to the rain storm the government canceled a football match, and in Kansas the situation on the roads is threatening to turn into chaos.

Warning sediments are located in 5 States. Meteorologists said that in the regions where now raging ebony, may fall to 45 cm and wind gusts will reach 60-80 km/h.

The Governor of Kansas declared a state of emergency the evening of 26 Dec, decided to be proactive. This allowed time to coordinate the work of emergency services and respond to the deteriorating situation. On Thursday the region was covered with a large number of roads and thousands of residents were left without electricity.

The national weather service predicts that winter storm will move further North-East. On Friday, the ebony reaches of upstate new York and New England. It will bring snow showers, gusty winds and a lot of trouble to local residents. With regard to the Big Apple, he will face heavy rains.