Weather in new York: this week is expected cold and wind

As reported by the national weather service, the beginning of the week in new York will be accompanied by rain and even snow. In the future, on Tuesday, the projected rain storm. The weather will change only on Wednesday, when the forecast return of Sunny weather. And by the end of the week the temperature is expected to fall.


Partly cloudy, temperature is not higher than 2°C. Night a chance of rain and sleet. Cloudy. The temperature will drop to -1°C to 9 o’clock. Southern wind of 9 to 15 km per hour. Chance of precipitation is 70%. Possible wet snow.


Before noon is projected to be cloudy, with clearings, possible precipitation, the temperature is about 9°C. Wind South-West, 8-11 km per hour. Chance of precipitation is 70%.

Night possible rains with thunderstorm. Cloudy, lowering the temperature to 3°C. South Wind 8 to 16 km per hour after midnight will change to the West at a speed of 19-27 miles per hour. Precipitation probability 70%, with possible thunderstorms.


The day will be cloudy, with clearings, the temperature to 8°C. Wind West, from 28 to 37 miles per hour with gusts up to 55 km per hour. The night is cloudy, the minimum temperature will be around -1°C.


Is expected to partly cloudy, temperature about 3°C. Windy. Night partly cloudy, the temperature will fall to -5°C.


The day will be Sunny, maximum temperature -1°C to 0°C Night mostly cloudy with a temperature of -6°C.