A plague on both your political house, or the Most important issue in America today

When you write about our country and what she’s going through, it is impossible to write in the dry language of an indifferent observer. You have to be either in joy or in rage, to write something worthwhile. In sorrow not written anything at all, because under no circumstances not to lose heart. If everything goes as it should — rejoice. If something doesn’t work, roll up your sleeves and angrily handle the job as something to do. We need to do, not someone.

That’s why I want to write about the wall on the Mexican border, and all the idiocy and hypocrisy that surround this project on both sides.

Our government is not working. Closed, since the President requires the boundary wall from the penetration of illegal immigrants, and Democrats who received the lower house of Congress, his money is not provided. Thus, the state budget is not adopted at all. For this reason I’m mad at both sides and tell everything as best they can. Don’t expect good words about any of the parties: the adherents of both camps will be disappointed — just saying, can not read, if so.

1. Trump tells us about the terrible numbers of illegal immigrants who downright ruin the budget. I in these figures under $300 billion don’t believe: while no serious organization has not confirmed even 1/3 of that amount. Another lie of the President and the escalation of the situation.

2. According to official statistics, 53% of our illegal immigrants from Asia. They won’t come to us across the border and fly on a plane with a visa and then not returned. Wall will not stop them. Because the effectiveness of walls designed only for foot illegal immigrants from South America, of which a minority, or 45%. Another 2% is floating to us on ships from different countries. Thus, we settle only 45%. And we have to stop them on land. As practice shows, the people of Haiti on a regular floats by sea to reach Florida much more successful than Hiking immigrants. And how to stop them at sea — no one knows. All coast guard and radar is not enough for this.

No, it’s not immoral to build a wall on the border. Here is a sovereign country, not a thoroughfare, and it is up to us to decide who we need and who is not

3. If we want to close the southern border from these 45%, it is necessary to do it properly, not just anyhow. In particular, from the point of view of ecology and safety. Example: using the metal mesh to purge the sand and the seeds of plants that does not form gullies. The concrete wall will not allow it. Metal is significantly cheaper and more durable than concrete in this structure, and requires less effort to maintain then. Especially if it is stainless alloy. You also need to consider the passages for wild animals and their migration, otherwise it will hurt the population and once again will hit the environment.

4. Not all the wall is generally needed. It is necessary where there is a continuous flow of illegal immigrants — or in urban areas on both sides of the border. There really need to build. And to build securely. Because to catch, shoot or gas to disperse some unfortunate people less humane, and even more than just stop a solid fence.

5. Shaped lies trump — about Islamic terrorists who are trying to get to us among Hispanics. There is no confirmation from our office of security, which is responsible for it. This in theory is possible in the future, but we must not believe the wild speculation of one Republican Congressman from Texas, who claims that Mexican women are walking in the United States with the special task to give birth to the terrorists of Daesh. These stories are only for idiots, not for thinking people.

6. No, it’s not immoral to build a wall on the border. Here is a sovereign country, not a thoroughfare, and it is up to us to decide who we need and who is not. Trespassing — a criminal offense that deserves punishment. And immoral first of all to think about some obscure people from other countries and not think about the problems that they for us and our citizens represent. The task of legislators, first of all, to take care of their citizens who have a million problems and not about some crooks somewhere. Democrats need to understand this simple truth and stop on every corner to deal only with the problems of immigrants. Many people seem to have, they just are. Also it’s just a slap in the face to those who for years waiting for a visa to the us, while some gentlemen just climb uninvited insolently.

7. On the southern border we have a crisis right now. It’s true, and the unwillingness of the Democrats to admit the truth will hit primarily by himself. A few figures to understand. Every month border passes about 60,000 illegal immigrants. The number applying for asylum families compared with 2017 now ~25000 families, whereas a year ago it was ~7000. In March 2018, recorded a threefold increase in people wanting to get to America through the border, compared to March 2017. Because this is not a single caravan from Honduras. This is a permanent situation that requires solutions, not empty talk.

A plague on both your houses political: Republicans and Democrats. Neither one nor the other are busy and the country and busy with their political squabbles. And as a result, the government simply does not work

8. We are all for security on our border. Without any disputes and abnormalities. But the political interests overshadow the interests of national somewhere far away with result in a complete zugzwang.

The reluctance of both sides to agree on a compromise figures of funding led to the closure of the government. And I am personally dissatisfied with both, though specifically I did not touch it in any way. Abnormal practice — rule, closing the government on every occasion, as trump has already made 3 times in the last 2 years. Republicans don’t want to condemn even the idiocy that trump admits at the border, trying to succeed (as is the situation with robbing of children from their parents and placing them somewhere, in isolation from each other). And migrant workers — not criminals or terrorists, namely migrants as such are entitled to human respect for them. And not, as some claim, — the machine gun tower with a desire to pull the trigger. No, they are not refugees, they are migrant workers fleeing poverty and collapse of their countries, and if they are safely at the gate asked for asylum to them, we are obliged to consider quickly. No guarantees of success, they are not given, but consider the fact we as a normal country, are required.

Democrats literally don’t offer anything in return to trump’s ideas, except for the vague wording — I’ve watched their program. But it will not work. We are a nation of laws and order and have the right to require it of all visitors and on our border. Normal position, require of adequacy, and not some endless left-wing snot about stolen land, and what did the pilgrims on the UN resolutions about refugees and our laws on the subject, signed 50 years ago. Times have changed 9.11.2001, the laws must change, and approaches. All the blank paper from the UN on this topic should not be above our laws and the situation in which we now live. It would be good to understand it all.

Because plague on both your houses political: Republicans and Democrats. Neither one nor the other are busy and the country and busy with their political squabbles. As a result, the government just doesn’t work.

9. I believe that the same group of people-immigrants, called «Dreamers», children living and raised in our country, everyone needs to give Green card and to close this topic. They are not responsible for the decisions of their parents. And all the new illegal immigrants, as a punishment for a crime, for life to close the path to citizenship and forced to pay a fine. Nobody should be put: we will include then in prison, after which they will become professional bandits, but already free. But to give Amnesty without penalty is also stupid. It only adds new ones. Because life immigrant status with the impossibility of getting social programs, healthcare and pensions.

10. In addition to walls, we need an electronic means of viewing the border line in any weather. Motion detectors, day and night. Sensors which catch the SAP. Drones and the observing camera. Also along the entire southern border need an actual way for faster movement of border officers.

America owes nothing to anyone. And rescue a crumbling or already collapsed to hell, countries — the problem of the inhabitants of these countries

11. It is hypocritical to say that walls on boundaries do not work, say the Democrats. Work very well with 90-98% efficiency. Israel, on the border of several types of barriers, is a perfect example. In Israel they catch 98% of unwanted aliens. Since we’re talking about 45% of all illegals that are coming across the southern border, the total number caught will be close to 40%. But it’s better than nothing. Finally, after more than 17 years of conversations to equip all ports and travel items with trucks with scanners who catch weapons, explosives, drugs, nuclear radiation, etc. Each container should be checked and not every 5th like it is now. It is strange that for many years have not done, although the price is some $300 million!!!

And of course, the number of people in the border service — ridiculous. There is need of state under 10-15 thousand agents, and now there are 2,000. And that includes the ports and the canadian border and 2,000 miles of border line with Mexico. The total number of people South of the border about 1,700 people. Sorry, but this is a mockery of common sense.

12. In conversations with the President, we must not forget to regularly remind him that Mexico had at their own expense to build the wall, not the American taxpayers. Because it’s his job to find the means, and his fault that he was lying then and is lying now. And I spit on his campaign promises and how he does it. I pay for his magidei, and not, as he said, the Mexicans. It is time to proclaim in Congress. Still on the border have something to do, but not with the filing of trump and not as he promised and as it should be. He who pays the Piper calls the tune.

Trump ruled as a man who was either drunk or suffering from amnesia

13. I have said many times, but let me repeat: America owes nothing to anyone. And rescue a crumbling or already collapsed to hell, countries — the problem of the inhabitants of these countries. To solve their problems we can not and will not. And convert their population to us is not the answer. This is the cold pragmatism that was, is and many times, even stronger. Stronger, because the world situation is getting worse with overpopulation and the problems of entire continents. Those that are left of center on the thoughts, needs to hear and understand. Not like your problems.

14. Needs comprehensive immigration reform, as we take people as we select and check. Who we take and who we need and who is not. And Yes, very many will not need it. Because it is a country, not a charity shop. We must stop all we have in the country and abroad to confuse charity and obligation.

15. Trump ruled as a man who was either drunk or suffering from amnesia. He offers a radical solution that all shocked, and the next day changes it. Because it already no one takes seriously. However, it makes any legislative process arbitrazni. Since no one knows what this Tramp came into our heads. He is afraid to appear weak: if the type will yield at least something, although the search for compromise for the good of the entire country — is not weakness, and there is statesmanship.

But his opponents in exactly the same must finally understand that a minimum of two years, whether they like it or not, but will have to deal with him. Because hold your nose and work through the not want. Democrats in 2020 will be judged not by their cries, like a bad tramp and specific things they have achieved. So it is in their interest. Words are cheap and deeds of the road. So tell your left wing.

16. For reference and understanding: President Obama ranked first in numbers among all US presidents to deport illegal immigrants from the country. This is the official statistics. Trump even close to it not close on the numbers. So, without hysteria and fainting spells, shouts of patriotism, a democratic President, the Republicans, «almost Communist» did in this respect, much more with a Republican President.

I’m American and this is the only party that I serve

17. A little off topic, but anyway. Impeachment will not happen. Pelosi trying to push those to the left, to the impeachment today, and it is quite skillfully put them in their place. And I’m glad. Impeachment is not a political show, where our unwillingness to suffer cretinism trump has a value, but purely legal. That is, this court. Where need hard evidence and arguments. Which today is not there, and I doubt that they will. If and when, I will gladly change my opinion. And impeachment is now stuck and will die immediately after starting. I’m not saying that purely on the numbers the proponents of impeachment have 2/3 or bottom, nor, especially, the upper chamber of Congress. And I will also remind everyone of the story: no President until removed from office in U.S. history. The impeachment in the lower house have occurred, but never ever to end in the Senate because there was not enough evidence or facts. And to protect this President, believe me, there will be lawyers on constitutional and criminal law the master class with a world name. Because knowing all this — no need to shame today that matter. And tomorrow we’ll see. To rock the boat for swing — is harmful to all of us.

Maybe it’s me, but I have confidence that if you put to work some kind of Commission with a group of business people who know their business and willing to solve the problem, you can solve 3 hours of negotiations. Hinder first and foremost, all the men shouting with slogans for brains. The right, the left. These threatening fists, these appeal to the conscience. There waving the flag of patriotism, there is a flag trampling from almost the same patriotism. I equally hateful and both of these. It’s just noise and trash, which does not allow to do business. I would work behind closed doors. Hard, without any sentiment, without whining and slogans. As it has meaning and practical direction. And I don’t care, call me a fascist or a Communist. I’m American and this is the only party that I serve.