New York is waiting for a cold Sunday evening and windy but Sunny Monday

A powerful ice storm brought to the South and East of new York city downpour, and to the North and West the snow subsides. But dangerous cold weather is moving in the direction of 3 States (NY, NJ and CT). Will experience a cold snap and freezing rain left from a winter storm.

The storm began on Saturday and went through a small snow or a mixture of ice and rain in the vicinity of new York, but precipitation as warming eventually changed to rain: the storm went further North-West, allowing warm air to penetrate to this area. And now a short-term warming will change the dangerous cold weather.

Sunday night temperature in the Big Apple will decline and become very cold – weather forecasters promise a night to -13°C. by nightfall the winds and sharply colder until frost: sleet will turn into ice, so the roads in some places are formed of the space with ice.

A storm warning remains in effect for areas of Northern new Jersey, upstate new York and Connecticut. Heavy rain was throughout last night and this can cause sudden flooding in the region. Such a warning was issued for new York, some areas of new Jersey and long island.

Monday will be windy and cold, mainly it will be Sunny and cloudy, no precipitation. The day temperature is -9°C, but the wind and humidity will be felt much colder night is projected to -11°C.