At LAX canceled 24 flights because of the snow storm in the Midwest

On Tuesday, January 29, the city of Los Angeles warned all travellers that flights to or from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) will be delayed because of a snow storm in the Midwest. Therefore, passengers who are going to fly through LAX, it is recommended to check several times information about your flight before heading to the airport.

«Please check with your airline about delays and cancellations,» wrote the administration of the LAX Twitter.

Due to the #winterstorm affecting parts of the United States, please check with your airline for delays and cancellations. #FlyLAX ❄ I🧥

— LAX Airport (@flyLAXairport) April 29, 2019

Icy temperatures and heavy snowfall affect travel across the country, causing delays everywhere. According to the website FlightAware, the morning of Tuesday 11 flights departing from LAX and 13 flights to Los Angeles were cancelled. This number will continue to rise because weather conditions caused by the polar vortex that struck most of the country. Another 54 flight to LAX were being delayed.

The number of canceled flights were headed to Chicago and St. Louis or from them. In Chicago, where O’hare International Airport is the Central for much of the country, weather forecasts are disappointing: the air temperature falls below 12 degrees.

On a national scale since the morning of about 1700 flights canceled, including 149 — Chicago Midway International Airport, 117 O’hare International Airport and 147 in Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International. According to FlightAware, on Tuesday was canceled about 8 thousand flights across the country.

In most parts of the Midwest, Great lakes and northeast, low temperatures will last throughout the week.