Hell in the US frozen. And this is no joke! See photos

In Michigan, has literally frozen hell! Wednesday, January 30, in the town of hell (which translated to English means «hell») the temperature plunged to –22ºC.

Hell has frozen over ..Hell Michigan #PolarVotex2019 pic.twitter.com/oOk3epEx0z

— marlene 🕯 (@Septembers_Song) January 31, 2019

According to the Weather Channel, air masses from the Arctic circle has brought to the Midwest, record cold in 30 years.

So, in Rockford, in 129 km to the Northwest of Chicago (Il), was beaten temperature record 1982 (then it was –33ºC). And in the night from Wednesday to Thursday, January 31, the city recorded –34ºC.

In Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota canceled classes in almost all school districts. But in North Dakota the students will return to school tomorrow, 1 February, as the temperature will rise from -30 to –16ºC.

According to doctors of Minneapolis, for the last couple of days in hospital of the city received more than 20 people with frostbite.

In Chicago, it was probably beat the record of frost, mounted on 20 January 1985, when it was recorded –32ºC. Meteorologists verify this information.

And for a more people centred view… #chiberia2019 #Chicagoinwinter pic.twitter.com/n9Djo87Bne

Is Nikki Able (@nikable) January 30, 2019

According to eyewitnesses, on Wednesday, Chicago was like a Ghost town, because most of its residents were ordered to stay at home. Twitter even appeared tag #чибирь2019 (#chiberia2019)because the weather in the windy City yesterday and really was more like Siberian.

Okay as a scientist, I felt the need to test the whole freezing-hot-water-thrown-into-the-air thing #chiberia2019 IT WORKS! 🤓 #notgoingoutsideagain pic.twitter.com/JUznHRe8BA

— Laura Sanchez (@DrLauraSanchez) January 30, 2019

Extreme cold in the Midwest were different from 8 to 12 human deaths.

So, in Detroit (mi) on the street was found dead 70-year-old man. And in the town of Ekors, near Detroit, outside of the house found the body of a former city Councilman. What happened is not clear, but the man was only pajamas. And yesterday morning at the University of Iowa, near the building of the campus, found the body of Gerald Belz, who studied at the teacher of preschool education.