«Ghost ice apples»: in the US, took a picture of the miracle of nature

This winter many Americans have witnessed amazing natural phenomena natural phenomena: giant ice circle on the river in Maine, «boiled» lake Michigan in the Midwest, extreme cold in Chicago.

In the list of curiosities of nature and weather now you can safely add another one. It’s icy, or «Ghost» apples, as they have called.

A resident of West Michigan Andrew Ritzema recently, a few Apple trees in his garden, found an amazing natural phenomenon, which is immediately photographed.

Ghost apples.

Posted by Robert Sietsema on Wednesday, February 6, 2019

On the branches of fruit trees hung transparent ice balls in the shape of apples. Inside them there was a hole.

The man thought long and hard how this could happen. He came to the conclusion that the air temperature was low enough that the ice on the apples melted, but at the same time warm to the inside of the apples turned into «mush.» It is known that apples have a lower freezing temperature than water. This Apple mush just emerged from the ice of the globe.

Yesterday in Michigan, just passed the freezing rain that covered the trees with transparent crust.

«Michigan in this winter season had to experience real weather «roller coaster». The temperature ranged from Arctic frost to levels above the regional average,» said CNN meteorologist Judson Jones.

It is likely that other residents of Sparta (mi) and the surrounding area also found in their yards Ghost apples. The region is famous for its Apple orchards.

«Most of the apples just fell to the ground. But some have turned here in this beauty,» said Sittema.

Winter is not yet over, who knows what surprises she has in store for the United States.