Another storm hit southern California. Expected floods and hurricanes

Another strong winter storm is coming to southern California again, threatening floods, hurricanes and landslides in areas of recent fires.

Representatives of the National weather service (NWS) reported that due to the subtropical nature of the storm it is expected that the snow level will increase significantly from Wednesday to Thursday and this will increase the threat of flooding after snowmelt.

Light rain moving into the area. Expect rain to increase in coverage and intensity through the morning. #larain #cawx

— NWS Los Angeles (@NWSLosAngeles) February 13, 2019

Still has not been announced about any mandatory evacuations, although the County of riverside issued a warning about a voluntary evacuation for some areas in the zone of fire of the Holy Fire.

Wednesday was a rainy day for much of southern California, with more rain in the late morning and afternoon.

The beginning of the storm was accompanied by steady rainfall in Ventura County around 9:30. The system then gradually moved to the County of Los Angeles at about 11:30. The rain was weak, but long lasting.

Around noon the storm had passed for much of southern California. It is expected that the rain will continue until Wednesday night and Thursday.

According to the forecasts of meteorologists NWS, more heavy rain will start on Thursday, when the precipitation is on the coast and in the valleys can reach 2 to 6 cm, and in the mountains can be about 10 cm.

Early Thursday morning there will be heavy rain with thunder and lightning. Another strong flurry to host southern California at noon and in the afternoon, which will lead to moderate or strong rainfall in most areas.

On Friday morning you may receive the sun but will continue small rains.

Districts in Los Angeles and orange, and in the valleys and Inland Empire will fall 2-7 cm precipitation at a relatively high temperature of about +15 degrees.

On the beaches will drop 2-5 inches of rain and the temperature will be a maximum of +16. Because of the strong waves will reach 1.2 m.

In mountainous areas it is expected only +4 degrees with 5-6 inches of rain and strong winds on the higher tops.

And the desert falls 1 cm of rain, a strong wind, and the temperature will rise up to 11 degrees.