On Sunday, new York will enjoy a real snow storm (today was a training)

Sunday new York again will have heavy snow and cold. Accuweather senior meteorologist Paul Walker told the media that the big snow will come in the Central States on Saturday and Sunday, get to the northeast. In total, the snow will be 95 million people from the Southern Appalachians to the Hudson.

How the Weather Gets Weaponized in Climate Change Messaging New York Times Both climate advocates and deniers of global warming are increasingly using bouts of extreme weather to support their positions. https://t.co/qaJccKWn0z pic.twitter.com/9MLJLtRM6Y

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As reports the New York Post, temperatures will hover around zero Celsius, and this means ice, rapid melting of snow and dirt. What height snow will fall on the earth, experts are now hard to judge, a lot depends on wind, humidity and temperature. But snow charge nature made good. Possible again delayed flights at airports in new York, traffic jams and accidents. Snowy problems will accompany residents until Monday. On Monday, we may have to postpone classes in schools.

Today, Friday, new Yorkers have experienced in the morning some sort of training before Sunday’s snow storm. Was delayed some airline flights were traffic congestion and glaciation. Forecasters at Accu Weather advised to prepare for Sunday’s winter storm.

Really, with such beautiful weather like this, why would anyone not want to live in Upstate New York. pic.twitter.com/u2Ov7OTPLv

— The Albany Squirrel (@AlbanySquirrel) February 28, 2019

In General, meteorologists promise of new York is quite dynamic March with changeable temperature, wind, cloudiness and precipitation. Most likely, Sunday snow again this winter.

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