A million hits: the driver shot a video, like a huge avalanche falls from the mountains of Colorado on the highway

Are you sure you were in a stressful situation on the road? Then watch this video.

On Sunday afternoon, March 3, drivers moved to Colorado through the mountain pass on interstate I-70, when the slopes of the sudden came an avalanchecovered the highway with snow dust.

One of the drivers managed to shoot a huge «cloud of snow» on the DVR. The «cloud» literally enveloped the road. Fortunately, the deadly part of the avalanche, ice, snow and rocks — the highway, but it is still pretty covered.

Caught on camera: @KDVR viewer captured this video of an #avalanche near I-70 today in Ten Mile Canyon between Frisco and Copper Mountain. #CoWX #KDVR pic.twitter.com/eL6uIwB4c3

— Jeremy Hubbard (@JeremyHubbard) March 3, 2019

As it turned out, that day in Colorado in Ten Мile Canyon went several avalanches, but «caught» on video was the greatest. Fortunately, has done without victims, though interstate 70 here is extremely busy — it leads to some of the most popular ski resorts in the region.

«In Colorado, of course, in the winter avalanches, but such large have not seen for decades. However, this was to be expected — this season we have very much snow,» — said the press-Secretary of Department of transportation Colorado Amy Ford.

The avalanche on Sunday, off I-70 in this area was blocked for about an hour. The road workers cleared the snow, which then filled to 15 cm in addition, stones and pieces of trees in some places still «got» to the road.

The Colorado information center’s avalanche (Colorado»s Avalanche Information Center) in February 2019 807 recorded avalanches in the state, 444 of which were caused by natural causes.