Rain in new York will end on Friday. The weekend will be Sunny, but windy

According to the National weather service (NWS), next weekend in new York precipitation is not expected. The weather will be Sunny, but the temperature maximum does not exceed 12°C.

By the evening of Friday, March 15, the temperature of the air in the city will decrease from 18°C to 4°C. Rain is likely to go during the day and stop around midnight.

On Saturday, March 16, the probability of rain is very low — 11%. In the morning it will be Sunny, but from noon the sky shrouded in clouds. Forecasters expect a West wind with gusts up to 13 m/s. Daytime temperature will fall to 10°C, and in the night will not exceed 1°C.

Sunday, March 17, will be clear and Sunny throughout the day. The air warms only to 7°C, it will be windy. Wind North-West at a speed of about 4 m/s. Night will be partly cloudy weather, the temperature is 1°C.